Polyester Elastic PBT Yarn for Fabric

Polyester Elastic PBT Yarn for Fabric

PBT yarn in America is a little thicker, mainly used in stretch denims and sports wear. In Europe, the major company is Hoechst in Germany, its PBT stape fiber was mainly used in carpet production.

Product Details

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) fiber is a new polyester fiber came out in 1970s, it initially attacked people as a engineering plastics with excellent property. PBT fiber not only has PES' durability, dimentional stability and wet state tenacity, and nylon' s soft hand feel and abrasion resistance, but also has better dyeability than polyester and nylon, it can be dyed in normal pressure. 

The characteristics of PBT yarn is it has super elasticity, its elastic recovery is much better than polyester yarn and slightly better than nylon yarn; It is dyeable in boiled water temperature, under normal pressure, and the colour fastness is high; Besides, It has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and sunlight, which is an advantage compare to spandex; Additionally, PBT yarn has good dimensional stablility, Soft handle, good antipilling and antistatic properties

Products Name: Polyester DTY

Specification: 50/24 75/72 75/48 100/48 100/72


Color: Raw White

Luster: Semi Dull

Twist: S

Our Advantage:

1. Our yarn production involves every process from chips to final yarn product inside the company and we have yarn detection control between each of process, which guarantee our yarn quality and price advantage.

2. Our equipments are most advanced in the market. Most of our equipments are imported from Germany well-know brand Barmag. Our equipments guarantee our yarn quality and production efficiency.

3. The company is specialized in producing spandex covered yarn and we have been producing for this kind of yarn for 15 years. We have full manufacturing experience which guarantee our yarn quality.


Q1: What is your mainly products?

A: Polyester Functional Yarn, Polyester Differentiated Yarn , Environmentally Friendly Yarn , Polyester Doped Dyed Yarn. and Carpet Yarn .

Q2: What is your term of delivery ?

A: FOB, CNF, CIF and E.X.W.

Q3: What kind of payment does support ?

A: TT and LC At sight

Q4 What is the MOQ for your production?

A: About the dope dyed yarn : 2- 3ton per col , Others Yarn: 2-3ton each specification.

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