Polyester FDY

  • Polyester FDY Color Yarn
    Polyester FDY Color Yarn

    Fully Drawn Yarn is produced by similar process as POY except that yarn is produced at higher spinning speed. Intermediate drawing is integrated in the process itself which allows stabilization.

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  • FDY Polyester Color Yarn
    FDY Polyester Color Yarn

    We produce the highest quality of FDY available in the market and supply to our customers in the most affordable and convenient way.

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  • Polyester Yarn FDY
    Polyester Yarn FDY

    Company is producing Semi Dull And Bright FDY and Super Bright Dope Dyed FDY.

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  • FDY Bright Filament Yarn
    FDY Bright Filament Yarn

    1. FDY running on high speed warping, knitting, sizing & looms 2. All FDY spool are with same weight increasing the efficiency and productivity 3. All FDY is intermingled making it capable to run on high speed machines without breakages

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