PBT Yarn

  • Polyester PBT Yarn
    Polyester PBT Yarn

    ​ PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) fiber is a new polyester fiber came out in 1970s, it initially attacked people as a engineering plastics with excellent property.

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  • PBT Stretch Yarn 50D
    PBT Stretch Yarn 50D

    The characteristics of PBT yarn is it has super elasticity, its elastic recovery is much better than polyester yarn and slightly better than nylon yarn; It is dyeable in boiled water temperature, under normal pressure, and the colour fastness is high

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  • Polyester Elastic PBT Yarn for Fabric
    Polyester Elastic PBT Yarn for Fabric

    PBT yarn in America is a little thicker, mainly used in stretch denims and sports wear. In Europe, the major company is Hoechst in Germany, its PBT stape fiber was mainly used in carpet production.

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