Polyester Anti-microbial copper yarn

Polyester Anti-microbial copper yarn

Suitable for all kinds of underwear, socks, bedding, furniture cloth, decorative fabrics, sanitary dressings, hospital bed sheets , surgical gowns, doctor work clothes, patient clothes, food industry special clothing, shoe materials, gloves and various antibacterial clothing

Product Details

Antimicrobial series: There are copper ion antibacterial, silver ion antibacterial and zinc ion antibacterial, which is in the process of spinning by special process to add nano copper, nano silver, nano zinc ion made of yarn. As we all know, the copper ion itself has color, so the polyester made from this will also have color, but our company has developed the Raw white Antimicrobial Yarn With Copper, which can be more convenient for dyeing


Yarn products made of various ions have superior antibacterial effect. Customers can choose different antibacterial ion products according to the products. The antibacterial properties are as follows: Candida albicans is reduced by more than 99.5%, Escherichia coli is reduced by more than 99%, and Staphylococcus aureus is reduced by more than 99.9%

Specification:DTY 50D/72F 75D/48F 75D/72F 150D/48F 150D/96F 150D/144F


Color: Raw White & Dope dyed

Luster: Semi Dull Bright Full Dull

Twist: S

Certificate: OEKO-TEX SGS

Production Market
We have stable export yarns to Turkey, Uzbekistan, Thaland, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan , Spain, Brazil ,Egypt .etc

Our Service
Before the order: Update the price every week. And Update Market information for referencei .
In the order: On schedule of shipment, one week oricinal documents copy, update the vessel schedule to customer.
After the order: Follow the guality feedback We wil solve any problem with customer in short time if have any problem after the order

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