Polyester Flame Retardant Yarn

Polyester POY Dope Dyed Yarn

With high color fastness, color brightness is good, environmental protection without dyeing etc.

Product Details

POY( POLYESTER YARN ) is called a Pre-oriented yarn. Compared with unstretched yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability. It is often used as a special yarn for DTY.

Dope dyed polyester yarn POY was made by polyester chips and masterbatch, by high temperature and melt reel off the yarn, after deformation processed into DTY, or low elastic textured yarn.

Our Advantage:

1. Our yarn production involves every process from chips to final yarn product inside the company and we have yarn detection control between each of process, which guarantee our yarn quality and price advantage.

2. Our equipments are most advanced in the market. Most of our equipments are imported from Germany well-know brand Barmag. Our equipments guarantee our yarn quality and production efficiency.

3. The company is specialized in producing spandex covered yarn and we have been producing for this kind of yarn for 15 years. We have full manufacturing experience which guarantee our yarn quality.

Polyester POY Yarn Specification

POY for Final

SD FD and Bright












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