High-Tech Yarn

  • Conductive Filament Yarn
    Conductive Filament Yarn

    Conductive Filament yarn Description: High performance carbon black (black conductive filament) or metal oxide (white conductive filament) as conductive medium for nylon based and polyester based conductive filaments. Colors include black, gray and white.

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  • Conductive Staple Yarn
    Conductive Staple Yarn

    Description: Conductive carbon black or metal oxides are added in high percentage to polyester or nylon based materials to make conductive staple fibers, which can be blended with natural or synthetic staple fibers to make yarns. It can be added to cotton

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  • Conductive Composite Yarn
    Conductive Composite Yarn

    Description: Conductive yarns are compounded with conventional FDY or DTY by means of web or double twist, and can be used directly in manufacturing. It is the main method of using conductive fiber products. Feature: After adding, it can eliminate static

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  • Heteropoly Polyester Imitation Wool Yarn
    Heteropoly Polyester Imitation Wool Yarn

    Description: This product is made of a variety of fibers compounded by multiple processing procedures, in a bundle of compound yarn single fiber different linear density, different cross-sectional shape, different modulus, different stiffness, different s

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  • Magnetic Polypropylene Yarn
    Magnetic Polypropylene Yarn

    Description: Through the composite technology, the permanent magnetic particle material is evenly implanted inside the fiber and organically combined together to make magnetic polypropylene fiber,

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  • Far Infrared Polypropylene Yarn
    Far Infrared Polypropylene Yarn

    Description: The nano-level bio-ceramic particles are evenly implanted into the basic polypropylene to make far-infrared polypropylene fiber, the efficacy will not be attenuated by polyester or other treatments.

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  • Polyester Shade Yarn
    Polyester Shade Yarn

    Description: It is made by compound spinning or co-blending of polyester chips with high concentration of shading masterbatch. In addition to the excellent performance of conventional polyester, it also effectively reduces the polarized light of the fiber

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  • Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying polyester yarn
    Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying polyester yarn

    Description: 1.Material copolymer modification, the moisture-absorbing groups in the way of chemical bonding to the fiber macromolecules, the polyester moisture return from 0.4 to 2%. Fundamentally give the fiber moisture absorption characteristics, the f

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  • Polypropylene Antimicrobial Color Yarn
    Polypropylene Antimicrobial Color Yarn

    Description: By using the composite spinning technology, it is prepared from polypropylene chips and antibacterial masterbatches, which gives the fiber unique antibacterial properties. We have realized the industrial production of white and colored polypr

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  • Nylon Polyester Composite Yarn
    Nylon Polyester Composite Yarn

    Description: The composite spinning technology is used to form a nylon polyester skin core fiber, which maintains all the characteristics of nylon while increasing the strength and modulus of the fiber. Feature: 1.With the surface characteristics of nylon

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