Polyester Flame Retardant Yarn

Air Jet For DTY Spinning Machine

Material:Plastic+ ceramic Application:textile machine Usage:Yarn

Product Details


Our P series products use ceramic injection process.

Compared to the traditional hot-pressing process of S series products, the injected ceramic products are denser and more resistant.

There are no bubbles in the module, and relatively few defects in appearance and interior.

Compared with hot-pressing products, the ceramic products produced by ceramic injection molding have high dimensional accuracy, wear resistance, no pores in the blank body, good surface finish, and better consistency of performance. 


"GuoCi" Nozzle Model Table

Nozzle Type Yarn Specs Hole Shape Groove Profile Pression 0.9-1.2 (Interlaced Points) Pression1.8-2.2 (Interlaced Points) Pression 2.6-3.0 (Interlaced Points)
A0.9U 30D-50D Round U 132 168 170
A1.1U 50D-75D Round U 118 142 145
A1.2U 75D-100D Round U 110 135 140
T1.3U 100D-120D Oval U 106 122 125
A1.3U 100D-120D Round U 108 128 130
A1.4U 130D-150D Round U 95 110 118
A1.4V 130D-150D Round V 88 102 105
A1.5V 140D-200D Round V 84 95 100
A1.6V 250D-300D Round V 72 90 92
T2.0U 350D-450D Oval U 56 76 80
A2.0V 400D-450D Round V 54 74 78
A2.4V 500D-600D Round V 48 66 72
A2.6V 600D-800D Round V 44 60 68

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Remark: A and T represent circular and elliptical holes, With T-shaped having fewer interlaced points per meter than A- shaped holes.
              Compared to U-grooves, V-grooves have a lighter interlaced points pattern. 


Interweaving nozzles are widely used in pp fdy machines, the air jets we designed are of good quality and can get more air, the yarn is used for webbing, belts, etc.

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